Communication is the cornerstone of emotional growth

Understanding, and being understood are essential to emotional development. We communicate with more than words: how we say them adds a layer of meaning. Our body language, tone, facial expression and actions are all part of our message.

Through the layers of meaning in words, actions, expressions, and tone of voice, we make our needs, preferences and desires known to others. And through these forms of communicating we get a chance to understand others better. Developing your skills at reading the message behind the acts and words means you can be a better friend, parent, spouse, or family member.

Even before children are born they begin the process of discovering and exploring themselves and their relationship with the world. The sound of mother's heartbeat, the rhythm of her walk, her cycles of waking and sleep, the distant sound of her voice, and those around her, the taste of amniotic fluid, the sensation of his thumb in his mouth, all are part of the unborn child's environment. He's already learning.

The newborn moves from this knowledge of the womb and his body within it, to a new environment of information, light, sound and actions. He's ready to start learning to be your child, but your adventure together has already begun.

Engaged parents, happy babies

Engaged parents, happy babies