What is alternative parenting?

Over the years many parents have asked: why should I teach my children social norms, when I don't believe in them? The answer is: you don't. Never try to teach your child to be what you don't believe in.

It's easy to be a parent just like your own were-- they were teaching you from day 1 how to be that person. It's much harder create in yourself the kind of parent you want to be, and that you'd want your children to become. This can be particularly trying in the LGBT community; among atheists and agnostics, for feminists, greens, or even for people who just don't live the 9-5 life. Although there are countless numbers of parents who are terrific role models and best friends, too often there are rifts and rejections we don't want to pass along to our kids. And too often bad choices our parents made, and bad parenting cycles we want to break. That's where a good parenting class comes in.

Learning to be aware of the kind of person you want to raise, and the kind of parent you want to be, is the first step in becoming an aware and engaged parent. What are your values, how did you arrive at them? What benefit do you get, and what will your child derive from them? And most important how do you pass them on? You already do so much for your children, it may seem overwhelming to try to be conscious of every interaction, and it would be, just like bicycling would be overwhelming if you had to think of every motion you made to keep your balance and move forward.

With alternative parenting, you can learn how to pick your own standard of normal, healthy social and emotional skills. You can teach your child your values, and help them appreciate the unique and wonderful journey toward an aware adulthood. You don't have to be afraid to raise your children without the prejudices and fears of the past. If you're interested in the program, call 917-406-8960 for more information. Classes are forming now for August and September.

Engaged parents, happy babies

Engaged parents, happy babies